How Does RFID Silicone Bracelets Work For Swimming Pool

How Does RFID Silicone Bracelets Work For Swimming Pool-MTOB RFID

If you have been to a swimming pool, you are likely to be distributed RFID silicone bracelets.what can it bring you?

RFID Silicone Bracelets at Swimming Pools: Enhancing Your Experience and Safety

Free your hands. You don’t have to worry about where to put your VIP card, wallet or locker key when you swim, because an RFID silicone bracelets can replace all cards and keys. By using the wristband matched with the swimming pool system, you can enter the venue more quickly and open your exclusive locker.

The most advanced technology in the swimming pool RFID silicone bracelets is to help swimmers track data information, so that they can use the wristband to establish a personal training plan and monitor their performance in the swimming pool. The complete RFID silicone wristband system includes the wristband, a mobile app and dedicated swimming lanes connected to LCD monitors.

Swimmers can download an app for the RFID silicone bracelets issued by the venue, then open the app and set a swimming plan, including the distance, the number of times and the total time they want to complete.

After a swimmer enters the swimming pool, the wristband will be in contact with the information desk by the pool, and the swimmer will be guided to the designated swimming lane. Once in the water, a dedicated channel tracks the swimmer’s stats.

Unlocking the Potential of RFID Silicone Bracelets: Exploring the NFC Chip Technology for Enhanced User Experience

The RFID silicone bracelets is equipped with an NFC chip from NXP, and the app can read the UID of the chip.Using an RFID silicone bracelet UID allows swimmers to effectively connect to the app. Therefore, swimmers get wristbands from the club, and before entering the pool, they need to establish a connection between their RFID silicone wristbands and a tablet terminal by the pool.

The tablet terminal will give the number of the lane to which the swimmer belongs. Swimmers enter the correct swimming lane and start swimming by touching the reader at the poolside. These dedicated lanes act as detectors connected to LCDs on the pool walls, which record swimmers’ speed and progress.

How Does RFID Silicone Bracelets Work For Swimming Pool-MTOB RFID

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